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Darwin Communication
"DARWIN COMMUNICATION" is the new COLA S.r.l. APP allowing you to directly control your COLA stove, heating stove or pellet boiler.

All the functions of the unit will be available on smartphones and tablets wherever you are. It will be possible to:

  • Turn the unit on and off;
  • Adjust the fan speed;
  • Adjust the room temperature;
  • Program up to 4 lightings and 4 shutdowns a day for the entire week;
  • Adjust the system water temperature (heating models and boilers only);
  • Be informed about the unit's status in real-time. 


In order to use the APP properly it is necessary to also purchase the Wi-Fi Transmitter Kit, available as an optional for all our stove, pellet stove and boiler models, and then register via the web.

Open the Internet browser and type the following address: http://darwin.colastufe.com/management to access the LOGIN and REGISTRATION page: Before logging in, it is necessary to proceed with registration by selecting "Register".

On the registration page it is necessary to give a valid personal e-mail address and create a new password.



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