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System Kit
System Kit for combinations of different energy sources

MS 10-35 and MSS 10-35 are Cola low-loss header modules required for combinations of different energy sources (pellets, gas, other sources) that summed together exceed 35 kW, and work by separating the different water circuits in the system.


The modules are positioned near the appliance (pellet stove or boiler) that has a heat output delivered to the water between 10 and 35 kW. The modules have an electro-galvanised metal plate frame and easy-to-fit painted steel cover, ensuring easy access to the internal components for maintenance. In addition, a maximum operating temperature of 80°C and a maximum operating pressure on the secondary side of 6 bars are guaranteed.


The modules comprise two circuits: one primary circuit (connected to a pellet central heating stove/boiler), and one secondary circuit that interfaces with another energy source.
The MS 10-35 module is the basic module for separating circuits, while the MSS 10-35 module, in addition to the separation function, also includes the domestic hot water circuit function (for boilers or plate heat exchangers).


In addition, the modules can be supplied with an ANTI-CONDENSATION ACCESSORY KIT that increases the return temperature in the primary circuit. This means the pellet stove/boiler can reach the ideal operating temperature much faster, preventing damage due to smoke or soot in the flues and eliminating the problem of condensate in the appliance.

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