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Wood stoves
Decorate with style.

Cola wood stoves decorate and characterise the setting. They are ideal for home heating, ensuring good heat output and high efficiency.

The main features of Cola wood stoves are (depending on the model):

  • Fire door with frame in cast iron and self-cleaning panoramic ceramic glass
  • Ergonomic fire door opening handle (foldaway on stove side)
  • Primary and secondary air manual adjustment
  • Grate shaker rod
  • Pull-out ash pan
  • Top flue pipe connection
  • Air combustion chamber with finned walls in cast iron and s/steel fume baffles
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of combustion chamber internal parts
  • Adjustable feet on bottom of stove to facilitate installation also on uneven floors
  • Natural convection heating
  • Room air ventilation unit complete with switch and speed adjuster (optional)
  • Oven in press-folded stainless steel and frontally removable
  • Oven door in cast iron with large ceramic glass and incorporated thermometer
  • Foldaway laundry rack on cover (optional)    
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