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Pellets and wood
Heating while saving and respecting nature.

Pellets are a granular solid fuel obtained from the residuals of wood processing. They are practical, environmentally friendly, easy to carry and offer the best price-energy efficiency ratio. Pellets are mostly used by households and businesses because they are free of chemical additives and dyes, and are easy to use and store. To choose properly, it is advisable to pay attention to the labels on the packs. Pellets have different types of certifications. The most common are DinPlus, EnPlus, ÖNORM M7135, Pellet Din, Pellet Gold, Pellet Fuels Institute.

Wood is a natural fuel that man has used for ages, and is rightly considered a renewable energy source because the ash produced by its combustion is 100% biodegradable. It is a practically unlimited and economically beneficial raw material. It keeps well in storage and poses no risk to the environment during production, storage and distribution. All wood can be divided into two categories: "hard" or "soft". Soft wood is spruce, poplar, pine, alder, chestnut and willow. It burns quickly, producing a stronger heat: this makes it excellent to start the fire. Hard wood is oak, elm, oak, beech and ash. It is dense and less resinous than softwoods, therefore it burns slowly, producing a longer-lasting heat.

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